General Director – Mamuka Murjikneli Interview With BMG

Author: Salome Chipashvili

Advantage of our logistics corridor based on the current events

“Our region is the “gateway” that connects the cargos of Central Asia and the rest of the world,” said Mamuka Murjikneli, General Director of the Batumi Multimodal Terminal, during a visit to “Business Morning”.

According to him, due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Central Asian manufacturers are looking for alternative ways to export their products to world markets.

“Since our corridor is safe, logistics is working well, we need to develop it further. It is necessary to establish as many terminals as possible, to increase the ports and to use the potential of the railway as much as possible, so that the manufacturers of Central Asia can move to our direction. “Today, if the cargo from Central Asia reaches the West, there are not many alternatives, and we should use it,” said Mamuka Murjikneli.

According to him, the multimodal terminal of Batumi works as usual, with almost 100% capacity, which delivers urea from Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan to Europe and Western countries. More than 100 local people are employed in the terminal and on average 70 thousand tons of cargo are transported per month.

A new terminal for mineral fertilizers was opened in Batumi port on June 11, 2021, which will process 1,500,000 tons of mineral fertilizers per year. Investors of the new multimodal terminal in the Batumi port are U.S. corporation Trammo and the company Wondernet Express Investment Group. $25 million was invested in the project.



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