Provision of Actuarial Valuation Services Copy Copy Copy Copy Copy Copy

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) seeks proposals from qualified companies for the provision of Actuarial Valuation Services, in accordance with the requirements, terms and conditions stipulated herein.

This Request for Proposal (RFP) consists of this document and the following annexes:

  • Annex A: Instruction to Bidders
  • Annex B: IMO General Contract Conditions-Services
  • Annex C: Terms of Reference
  • Annex D: Pricing Form
  • Annex E: Vendor Registration Form

In submitting a proposal, the Proposer accepts in full and without restriction the requirements of this RFP including the Terms of Reference and the IMO General Conditions Services as the sole basis of this tender process, and waives his own conditions of sale, whatever they may be.

Proposals must be received by the IMO no later than Monday,4 October 2021, 12:00 hours (UK time). Proposals received after the designated time will be automatically rejected. Proposals are to be transmitted online via the IMO procurement portal, using the unique link in the invitation email, stating the RFP reference in the subject line. Submission of proposals by other means is not accepted.

To receive the complete RFP 2021-09 documentation interested bidders are advised to contact procurement@imo.org – with SUBJECT title: Request for RFP2021-09.  Please include in your email the country your company is based in and a very brief outline, in bullet point, why you feel your company is suitable for this contract. 


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