Batumi Fertilizer Terminal

1,5 million metric
tons per year

6-8 mins per wagon,
simultaneously 2 wagons


15 128 m2
terminal size

Maintenance of vessels with a
deadweight of up to 50 000 tonnes

About us

Joint Venture between Covalent, ADIA and Trammo Inc.​​

At the beginning of 2017, the founders of the company launched a project on the development of a logistics corridor for transporting dry cargo from the Caspian basin countries to the Black Sea ports through Georgia.

For this purpose, the company signed several strategic agreements with the main partners on this route - Georgian Railways, Azerbaijan Railways, Baku and Batumi ports.

Trammo was originally formed and incorporated as Transammonia in 1965. It is a privately held company with corporate headquarters located in New York, USA. Trammo is a diversified commodity merchandising company both in terms of product mix & global network. Diversified product portfolio: ammonia, mineral fertilizers, and raw materials.

Trammo has been ranked by Crain’s and Forbes in 2020 as one of the largest privately held companies in the New York area and the United States, respectively. Ranked #15 in Crain’s and #202 in Forbes, Trammo had revenue in 2019 from over 15 million tons of product merchandised.

In January 2019 Wondernet Express Investment Group and Trammo Inc. have signed a Shareholders’ Agreement on Joint Venture for construction and operation of fertilizers terminal in Batumi seaport.

CEO & General Director, Mamuka Murjikneli


Wondernet Express Investment Group at logistic corridor

In March 2021, first cargo, 47 carriages with carbamide were delivered from Turkmenistan to the new Batumi fertilizers terminal.

Terminal has the capacity to process and transport over 1,5 mln tons of mineral fertilizers per year. The storage capacity is up to 70,000 tons. It creates the shortest and most effective route for cargo from Central Asia to the Black Sea and then to the West. The Batumi fertilizers terminal is linked via railway road to the port of Azerbaijan on the shores of the Caspian Sea and, thereon, to Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan.

Wondernet Express Investment Group has a priority in operating railway logistics for fertilizers from Port of Baku to the Georgian ports.​​

    Key components of logistics solutions:
  • Routes based on the principle of "door-to-door": Availability of necessary capacities to receive and to ship goods throughout the route;
  • Discharge of empty convoy;
  • Provision of transit railway through rates.




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Operations and activity at the Batumi Fertilizer Terminal are complex and include many organizations and requirements.

Companies and private entrepreneurs interested in doing business with the Wondernet Express Investment Group are encouraged to check our website for updates regarding available tenders.

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Social responsibility

In 2016, the management of Wondernet Express decided to create the WE CHARITY project as a social direction in their activities.

WE is a charity campaign where WE combine and mobilize efforts and resources for the development of culture, art, science, and sports.

The main directions of the social WE CHARITY project:

  • Improving the quality of the material and technical base of health care institutions, and ensuring optimal accessibility for the population to operational specialized care;
  • Preservation and popularization of cultural values of particular importance for national and world heritage;
  • Support and stimulation of youth initiatives in the field of science, culture, art, and sports.

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